Wednesday, May 30, 2018


jestha 2075, The first book of the month, I chose Malala ( Nepali transalation of "I am malala" by Achyut Koirala )

The book also covers threads of history on how india ended up dividing into India and Pakistan, communist war of russia with america and many more.

few things that I knew  :

 "taalib" means religious student and hence the name "taalibaan"

Muslims are divided into siya  and sunni  just because of controversy among them while deciding who is the one who leads their religion. This happened during 7th century.
sunni  where those who followed abu bakra  who was the consultant of  Mohammad.  and sunni means one who follows traditions of Mohammad.
siya  where those led by  ali , a relative of mohammad. this group was small. The word siya means a group of ali
80% of pakistani are sunni


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