Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Pushkar Shah

As the 2nd book of the month Jestha I chose Pushkar Shah's travel diary
Pushkar Shah, sansarlaai sade paanch fanko  meaning 5 and half round the earth .

His mother gave him 100 rupees (Nepali) as travel expense on the way , and see he completed his journey :) 

The book depicts his struggles travelling round the globe, stories of how he saved himself off the devils hand where he could have died on a foreign land.

  1. In jungles of china,where he slept in his tent with just a khukuri for his protection. How would he fight a tiger or any wild animals out there??
  2. A negro pointed a pistol on his head and asked him 10 dollars when he was in Texas, initially he told him that he was broke , the negro was about to pull the trigger, making a point , that a guy who barely has 10 dollars cannot afford living :D he survives that, actually by paying him 20$ later on 
  3. He was about to visit the World Trade Center on September 11, 2011 right when al-qaueda attacked it with a series of plane crashes that were hi jacked . Earlier night he was drunk and could not wake up early that helped him save his life.
  4. A white car follows him at sinamari, but he somehow escapes it
  5. In Mexico, he was attacked by barbadose with a knife ,while he was sleeping in his tent, he manages to fight him off .
  6. In Tanjania , from "cheche" a kind of fly that stinks people to sleep and if many stink at once, its fatal to death.

These are some of the trails where he nearly lost his life, but he didnt , GOD somewhere had different plans for him , maybe god aint indifferent to us. Maybe we are alive for some purpose.

He explored Equador , an orange line is traced their to represent equatorial line. Travelling through 150 countries he sees the way in which many of the countries are exploited by US .He pictures the beauty of Niagra falls and Nile, the pyramids of gija and ..............

I come to know that after Mahatma Gandhi was murdered, his astu was drowned in Nile river.

In 1944, the civil war of Rwanda was the deadliest after second world war, In 3 months  nearly 10 lacs people were killed.

In north pole the water drains in sink in anticlockwise direction and in south the opposite happens? Ever wondered what happens right at the equator? Pushkar Shah went to explore that too :) 

In Congo Republic he gets to date the daughter of the then President .

He gets 7 marriage proposal, of course an engineering student would have died for that :D :D  why dont they try cycling huh??



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