Thursday, June 28, 2018

Death: The Greatest Fiction

Its a collection of speeches of Rajaneesh Osho about Death, one of the most controversial topic, and that has been taught as end of everything and mournful by our religions. The thing that I liked about Osho is, he asks his followers to be skeptical, to follow only after experimenting and being certain, because
Only certainties will save you, beliefs are the boats made up of paper. 
We are in the continuous cycle of birth and death, our desire drives us to born again and again, changing bodies since eternities just to manifest our desires. Once you stop having desires, you can stop this wheel, and your consciousness will  exits in the universe without having to born again.Birth and Deaths have been there since eternities and
you are always in the middle of two eternities.

Death can only be encountered in the deaths of loved ones. 

Try something else don't die with the questions, die with the answers. 

        People who are afraid of death become afraid of all orgasmic experiences, because in each orgasm the ego dies.

Death has been misunderstood by us, for centuries. Each death reminds you of your own death. In fact death are strong weapons for religions, people fear death and they always have that in their mind,"I have been here for my sins so I will do good karmas in this live so that Ill have a better life" Death and Next life , this has become a perfect excuse for us, its okay I am poor in this life, in next life I shall be rich , the false hopes!!! 
                 If there were no deaths nobody would have bothered about religion at all.

Osho, says considering the time, no one is rich and no one is poor, there is no mater of running fast to get something. If doing something fast meant to be the success, the symphony that played at the fastest speed would sound the best, but that's not the case always, one has to do it beautifully and gracefully. A beautifully scored goal, a beautifully played piece,  a beautifully made art.

Time is available to the poor as much as to the rich.
Celebrating birthdays are not worthy, with every year you come closer to death. Achievements are to be celebrated, birthdays are merely dates.

You are standing in the same queue and the queue is becoming shorter and shorter every day, you are coming closer and closer to death. 
Death is permanent disappearance, its like loving , an abstract thing, you cant know what loving is without falling in love yourself. If you define love as hugging kissing or holding hands, that isnt . Yeah that might be the ways of expressing love but that isn't love. In the same way, We see people die and think that its painful but that is just our belief, we can only be certain when death comes to us.
In death your ego disappears; only your pure being remains   

With these beautiful teaching the book awakens us, You can simply Meditate just by watching, watch carefully every step, be the witness. Once you do that, you have already started meditating. The book contains of number of great stories including Rabindranath Tagore, a thief Mulla, a person from Kashmir who faked his death thrice, yayati, Krishnamurti, story of a businessman and many more.

Osho also believes in euthanasia (the practice of intentionally ending a life to relieve pain and suffering , if one has lived enough)  because there is no meaning of enduring pain when you are going to be born again and when you have seen enough of this world. 
I strongly recommend you to read this book. :) It will change your perception .



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