• Anoop me Madhu

    I was done with first semesters at IOE WRC and these guys came up , we spent time around lakeside camera ma chai ANIL GT :D

  • Mamaghar ma Saanaima

    ma sheela dd, paartha vai, pema dd ra hajuraama :) :) i hope you already found me there :D

  • Instrumentation II ko tour jada bus ma

    Life ko passenger :D yestai journey ma ubbirahexu ....seat kuriraaxu :D

  • Mahakaal mandir ma Sandesh sanga

    Sayad 11 class ko internals paxi ho jaile newroad tira ghumtheu,sundharako momo tiptop ko samosa ani matra gahr farkine :D prolly tei time ko ho

  • Nautanwa ko rail

    Train varkharai aathyo,ani yo chai first encounter ho mero train sanga,babba katti thulo awaj hune raixa,ani chadiyo photo khichiyo travel garna ta testai ho, lastai phohor thyo.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Search Engine Optimization

The shorter the keyword the broader meaning it has got...for instance if you search just for hot models it might blow you up with hot model from all over the world, lucky you but if instead you search hot models from nepal then your results get converged to a greater extent.

The broad keywords are most likely to be searched but its vague, most of the time the user might be landed on the irrelevant page and might bounce back, whereas the longer keywords are less searched but the users might spend plenty of time on them. Most of the seo experts prefer Longer keywords to the shorter/broader one

informational long tailed keywors ----starts with how to ....blog contents sites
transactional ...........ecommerce , buy

go for low competitive long tailed keywords....grab the initial traffic and more social shares





target for the keywords that brings you 10000 visitiors per month and has competition less than 0.3

Validate keywords using Google Trends

visit google.com/trends/explore
and then search the keywords that are trending form your shortlisted organic keywords.
you can compare 5 keywords at most





related keywords can be found this way...if you add topics on these things then you might get more traffic and if they love these topics written by you , you may earn lots of subscribers.

visit google.com/webmasters\

Add meta descriptions- they keep your sites above

importance of H1 and H2 tags

almost of 70/80 percent of top pages do have them and search engines expect you to put those tags.But always aim to make it more readable and user friendly
while buying a domain  search for domain seo visibility(brand authority), go with popular brand , and build it nice no matter what the posts from popular sites (site with high domain seo visibility) will always get more preference in google search engine.

EMD : exact match domain
PMD : partial match domain

exact match domain are getting less priority after google changed its algorithm in 2012
so instead of searching keywords in domain find some fancy terms and build a castle on it

https is ranking factor for google for all sites you might find some site witout ssl certificated blocked by google.
check ssl certificates at qualys.com

tld has no effect but .com is preferred since its more common, people are habituated to hit ctrl + enter and so that more chances to be visited 

flash content:  it slows down website so not preferrable
url size: keep it short but filled with essential keywords
file size: rather than file size the speed matters
speed:mobile sites are faster than desktop sites since they are light weight, page speed is very crucial 
google has its own tool to check page speed

at the end of the day the thing that matters is the load time not the page speed



to check load time
https://tools.pingdom.com/  (< 1.5s is expected benchmark )

cretae database backup before testing website speed that will make you failsafe so that you wont accidentally lose data while testing your site

Use plugins cdn while using wordpress to compress images so that you get fast website loading

use cloudfare for speeding up site

pagespeedninja(wordpress golbal plugin to speed up your site)

use lazyload plugins

w3 total cache plugin 
above the fold plugin

better conduct the pagespeed test in incognito mode so that it works fine

wp rocket cache plugin

Create Sitemap for your site
use yoast seo

Add your site to google search console

Add sitemap of your site to Google Search Console

go to property -> open crawl -> add sitemap -> enter the url of your sitemap

Add www version of your site

Claim your site on alexa


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Niranjan Adhikari is currently pursuing Computer Engineering in WRC IOE,Pokhara. Resident of Butwal,Niranjan's interests include Poetry, Design and Programming


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