Monday, April 22, 2019

The Future SEO factor

Ever wondered how to gain a good seo rank without much trouble? Here are few factors that really makes the difference

Add back-link as much as you can

You should add internal links. While writing a blog provide links to older articles whenever the keywords appear in the post, this helps to reduce the bounce rate and lower the bounce rate higher will be your seo ranking

How many images should you use?

Use more images but make sure it does not increase the page loading time, we can use tools like lazy load and cdn for images. and don't forget to use copyright free images.

Should you add videos?

of course adding videos is good since it helps the users to spend more time on your site and reduces the bounce rate but the videos must be relevant.

Moreover google doesn't want users to post videos from other smaller media in comparison to
youtube, dailymotion, vimeo so I strongly recommend you to use videos from youtube just find some relevant content and add it.

CTR = click through  rate = click divided by viewed

few more tips here ;)

1. To make free designs for your site use this link: 

2. Sign-up for Google analytics and do the job

3. Connect Google console with yoast seo



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