Monday, April 22, 2019

worlds best boyfriend

Story of Dhruv and Aranya, Dhruv troubled by their divorced parents at early age of 12 and aranya was fighting against the world cause of her innate patchy skin, kind of a curse to her, god forbid no one had it.
Dhruv was rating girls with number of beers it would take him to sleep with them.

mutual admiration is the first step towards a healthy relationship
aranya was sure that sooner a later he would mess with her starting with temple run score playing sidewise.

imperfections are born out of its quest to be perfect

Being caught sharing kisses in school, at the age of 12 they were made apart since it would bring disgrace to the name of the school.Ever since the game of hatred had begun,
and co incidentally they happened to be in the same college, DTU

well let me not tell you the whole story rather lets get to how i felt part

If I were a director in Bollywood then i'd take this Nobel for my next movie, starring sushant singh rajput as dhruv and raj kumar rao as sanchit . well havent thought about the actresses yet, whom would you pick? go read the Nobel first

Its a typical indian melodramatic nobel, Thats what I found . No Ive changed my mind, this wont be a movie , its going to be a soap operah :D well lets not make fun of it.

I enjoyed the Nobel specially the ending, 288 pages , with 88 pages of crap I mean If I had to suggest him, I had clearly asked him in face,
Dude cut the crap and put some real thrill .
Well they never ask me !!! :/

I wished the role of Sanchit to be more interesting as a funny supporting guy. There were times where he acted well with his humor and dialogues but I expected the character to grow more.

Death of dhruv's father was remorseful, But being realistic , the writers often kill the character to make it interesting maybe Dutta didn't do because of this But if he did, then he would have made the character to grow more, there's not enough about his father. We can bring tears to the eyes of readers when a character dies, that sort of writing is what I  was expecting. We know he had been a drunkard, a husband of a failed marriage, father of the protagonist and ......umm a government officer ...anything else?

And I dont like the character of raghuvir being so cheap, He had great achievements but yet he is shown to be chasing behind girls like a man with IQ less than average. Yes Even Einstein use to fuck his assistants but that does not mean that you can be fooled with a fake account for months, to a person who took part in the first fusion reaction of the world.

Funny thing is I tried playing candy crush upside down , but didn't bother to download temple run :D

Id rate it 6/10

oh its a fiction , anything can happen

Id have mistaken it for a self help book on relationship turned out to be a Nobel

kept staling glances at him
mouth went dry
holding the stare
mumbled softly
raise hands gingerly
hurled up
cracking knuckles
sink in something
into the scuffle
brooding eyes, mysterious aura
hypocritical and sexist
ice breaker
snuck out of lamelight



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